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Can I edit MX, CNAME, A records of my domain? You can change the MX records for your domain by navigating to cPanel -> MX Entry tool. If... Can I have custom error pages? Yes, you can set up your own custom error pages by using the .htaccess file (it is located in... Can I run WordPress, Joomla, or any other script on my account? Absolutely! We fully support most standard scripts and offer a library of over 300 scripts... Do you offer SSL certificates? We use cPanel AutoSSL to automatically install SSL certificates on all domains hosted on our... Do you support Zend Guard or Ioncube? We sure do! Zend Guard (formerly Zend Optimizer) as well as Ioncube are installed on all shared... Free WHMCS or ClientExec Some of our packages include a free license for WHMCS or ClientExec. If you wish to take... How Do I Sign Up For CodeGuard? 1) Login to 2) Navigate to the service upgrade/downgrade pageFirst... How can I check how much bandwidth or disk space I am using? If you need to check your disk space / bandwidth consumption, you can do it by checking the left... How can I use SSH? To protect the security of all of our users, SSH is not enabled by default for accounts. Please... How do I CHMOD (change permissions) of some files? The easiest way to chmod files (change permissions) is using the FTP client. Log on to your FTP... How do I create URL redirects? When logged into cPanel, the Redirects tool in will allow you to redirect your website's visitors... How do I create a MYSQL database? You create individual MySQL accounts from your cPanel control panel. All of these will be... How do I create a MYSQL database? You create individual MySQL accounts from your cPanel control panel. All of these will be... How do I create an addon domain in cPanel? Once logged into your cPanel account, addon domains are located under the "Domains" section.... How do I enable CloudFlare? Enabling CloudFlare for your domain is simple and easy, and can be done in just a few short... How do I enable auto upgrade of Softaculous scripts? Login to your cPanel account and head over to Softaculous 1. When doing a install, under... How do I modify my website? You may edit your website through your online control panel. This is located at... How do I reset my cPanel password? You are able to easily reset your cPanel password via our billing and support control panel.Below... How to I enable two-factor authentication? We fully support two-factor authentication in our billing and support portal. We support OATH... How to change my document root folder using an .htaccess file? By default your website is loaded from the public_html folder of your account. The public_html... How to change my document root folder using an .htaccess file? Open your .htaccess and add the following: RewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}... How to force SSL with .htaccess If you want to force your entire website to go through https, you can add these rules to your... I did not receive my welcome email, but my service is listed as active Sometimes, due to the high volume of mail we will send you in a short period of time some spam... My service is marked as pending SHARED/RESELLER/VPS: All iWF Hosting orders are reviewed manually by hand to ensure that our... My website shows "Internal Server Error" There are many different possibilities for this. In most cases it is due to a incorrect .htaccess... What Are My Nameservers? You nameservers will be included within your welcome email titled "New Account Information" -- if... What are common service port numbers? cPanel       cPanel 2082   cPanel - SSL 2083   WHM 2086... What are the CloudLinux (LVE) Limits? For shared and reseller hosting the following CloudLinux (LVE) limits are in place. Please note... What is CloudFlare? CloudFlare is a third party service that we offer to our hosting customers. CloudFlare provides... What is Railgun? 1. What is Railgun? Railgun is a WAN optimization technology that we offer our hosting customers... What is your MySQL hostname? The MySQL hostname is localhost. If you are trying to connect to MySQL from a remote location... What version of PHP am I using? You will find your current running version of PHP under the expandable "Stats" column on the left... Why do I get "access denied" errors when trying to connect to MySQL? If you cannot connect to the MySQL server, this might happen due to several reasons:... [ADVANCED] Edit Windows `hosts` File to Preview Content Need to preview your site on a new server before DNS propagates? Here is the best method...
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