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SHARED/RESELLER/VPS: All iWF Hosting orders are reviewed manually by hand to ensure that our network security is not compromised. Shared and reseller customers will have their service activated, and a welcome email sent out within 24 hours, though most orders are processed within an hour or two. If it has been more then 24 hours and you have not received your welcome email titled "New Account Information", "Reseller Account Information" or "VPS Account Information" please open a support ticket by logging in at and opening a ticket with the support department.

If you are on a certain timeline and need your service to be reviewed and activated ASAP, please open a support ticket and we'll ensure your service is activated poste-haste.

DEDICATED: All orders are setup within 72 business hours (Monday-Friday) if you require a faster setup please contact us so that we can expedite your order.

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